• 1 April 2018


This kit gives you an aggressive 60 degrees of angle! We designed this kit with 3 key features in mind; first is quality, second is drivability and usage of angle, third is affordability. With these key features in mind we came up with this phenomenal kit that will give you our high quality of craftsmanship. All parts were first created in solidworks and stress analysis was performed. Months of R&D, and multiple drivers privately testing this kit (running varying power from 200HP to 500+HP) has led us to start production on this kit.


The main geometry changes were made to better the kit from the factory setup:

Sway bar

There is no front sway bar mounting point on this kit as we would have been limited on the amount of achievable angle. No sway bar can easily be compensated with your spring rates.


becomes much more apparent once the cars steering geometry is modified, we also include an adjustable bumpsteer kit to fix this problem. A variety of spacer thicknesses are included to dial in bumpsteer to your needed spec.

Scrub radius 
This was a must to change since the track of suspension was widened, this allowed the geometry between the wheel and suspension pivot point to be adjusted correctly which is commonly overlooked on many kits. We recommend a 15x8 +25 offset wheel. This will allow clearance from the control arms and also the body of the car to avoid any rubbing issues as well as keeping our scrub radius to how we designed this kit.

We zero out the ackerman to give you consistent steering angle, this allows the lead and follow wheel to be parallel to one another. This will also allow you to hold angle without loosing speed.

We added a couple extra degrees of  caster which allows your suspension to feel more smooth with less of a snap feel, and more of a self-steer feeling. As angle increases,  you will also achieve a nice natural camber curve.



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