• 31 December 2018


Zerek Fab Drop Knuckle: Information, Part Specs, Pricing

DISCLAIMER: None of Zerek Fabrication’s products are DOT approved or legal- For off road use only.




- 1.5” of roll center correction

- 1.5” of roll center correction

- 4140 chromoly spindle with 1/4” flange to help distribute load. Factory dust shields can still bolt on

- 4140 chromoly bearing cup
- Build in 1.5 degrees of camber to correct camber gain 

- Rod end adjustable camber

This will allow you to adjust camber by the rear knuckle, every half turn is equal to .25 degrees of camber. allows you to run -2 degrees more or +3 degrees more of camber

- 0 Ackerman for even and consistent steering input

- H-beam design allows us to keep weight down while adding superior strength

- Bumpsteer correction

Use of a bumpsteer kit is still recommended, as every cars setup can have different bumpsteer and a bumpsteer kit is the only way to completely eliminate it

- Dual caliper mounting brackets, factory calipers or any factory fit aftermarket calipers can be used

- Weight loss of 2lbs per front knuckle

This equals less un-sprung weight while still proving a very strong steering knuckle along with many benefits over stock

- Weight loss of 1lb per rear knuckle





Pre-orders will receive a 5% discount and free shipping in the USA! Pre-orders are expected to be ready to ship by mid to late January.



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