• 26 September 2018


The R35 GTR is a known track beast, and this one is taking it two steps further. This car was brought to us from HG Motorsports in need of a few vital additions for it to see the track.

The entire car was stripped, dash and all to begin fabrication of the cage. This chromoly cage complies with SCCA/NASA standards, and features our reverse curve gussets. Additional gussets were added to the A pillars and door bars for maximum bracing.

Custom paint was next, Porsche Plum Purple was chosen for the cage to match the color of the brake calipers. A cream color custom mixed with a slight hue of purple was selected for the interior to nicely compliment the cage. It was time for the fun part after paint...reassembly.

Dash, wiring, and all other components were reinstalled. Custom seat mounts and foot plates were fabricated, and the brake pedal relocated for maximum performance and also driver comfort.

The final touch, to truly make this car track safe, was the fire suppression system. Safecraft has a long standing name in the racing community and was the ultimate choice to complete this car. 



SCCA/NASA Legal Cage

Tig welded Chromoly

Reverse Curve Gussets

A Pillar Gussets

Door Gussets

Safecraft Fire Suppression System

Custom Seat Mounts

Custom Foot plates

Brake Pedal Relocation


Custom Paint

Porsche Plum Purple Cage

Custom Violet Cream Interior





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