Zerek Fabrication Miata Roll Bar Installation



What makes Zerek Fabrication Miata Roll Bars different from other brands?


  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty!
  • FEA tested in Solidworks for strength and safety
  • SCCA/NASA certified
  • 1.75OD heat treated DOM
  • Fully CNC cut
  • Fully TIG welded
  • Lightest Miata Roll Bar on the market
  • Comes with all Grade 8 hardware 
  • Seat Belt Relocation Tabs included 
  • Powdercoated satin black finish for extra durability, with a 1 year warranty on finish
  • Largest selection of custom colors & finish add-on options available 
  • Triangle Dimple Die Gussets add-on option found only at Zerek Fab!



Use of Zerek Fabrication products and any of its component parts does not guarantee safety of person or persons involved. Zerek Fabrication products are strictly intended for off-road and track use. You are solely responsible for your own safety and the safety of those around you when using Zerek Fabrication products. Use Zerek Fabrication products in a safe and prudent manner and only for the purpose for which it was intended. We recommend the installation of Zerek Fabrication products by a reputable shop with prior experience in installation of such products. 

Exchange and Return Policy

All products are made to order. No returns/exchanges. If an exchange or refund is granted by us, a 20% restocking fee will apply.


Please call with any installation questions or concerns M-F 9am-6pm PST

(714) 512 - 5296 

Frequently Asked Question's 

What tools do I need to install a Zerek Fabrication Miata Roll Bar?

  1. Car jack
  2. 2 jack stands
  3. Impact/Torque wrench
  4. Ratchet
  5. 10mm socket
  6. 14mm wrench
  7. 14mm socket 
  8. 5/8' wrench
  9. Razor blade 
  10. Flat head screwdriver


How long does a Zerek Fabrication Miata Roll Bar take to install?

Average time is 4-6 hours. Having a friend help makes the process much easier!


How much do Zerek Fabrication Miata Roll Bars weigh?

Single Diagonal

28 pounds 

Single Diagonal with Harness Bar

33 pounds 

Double Diagonal

28 pounds 

Double Diagonal with Harness Bar

33 pounds 

X-treme with Gussets and Harness Bar

38 pounds