Miata Drop Knuckles - Rear

'90-'05 Mazda Miata


Line Kit


From $520.00

Zerek Fabrication Miata rear drop knuckles give you the most amount of suspension geometry correction over any other knuckle on the market. From drift to grip, the use of a drop knuckle will lower your center of gravity and reduce dynamic bumpsteer.

Zerek Fab Miata drop knuckles were originally designed in Solidworks, off a full 3D scan of the Miata suspension. This allows us to fine tune specs and pinpoint exactly where we need to adjust geometry at a lowered ride height, while also giving roll correction and higher steering angle. Once the design was finalized, rigorous FEA (Finite Element Analysis) testing was completed at 4 times the weight of the vehicle per corner. This ensures the strength and integrity of our product's performance. We recommend the use of our front drop knuckle in conjunction with the rear to keep proper geometry consistent throughout the entire car.


Zerek Fab rear drop knuckles are the only knuckle that will allow you to adjust camber by the rod end design! Every half turn is equal to .25 degrees of camber. This enables you to run -2 degrees more or +3 degrees more of camber.



1.5” of roll center correction, front and rear roll center correction should be even for a balanced roll center throughout the car

4140 chromoly bearing cup

Adjustable camber by use of rod end 

H-beam design, allows us to keep the weight down while adding superior strength

Dual caliper mounting brackets, factory calipers or any factory fit aftermarket calipers can be used

Weight loss of 1 lb. per rear knuckle

Stainless steel extended brake line kit for dual caliper optional add-on