Mazda Miata (90-05) Pro Angle kit (upgrade)




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NEW RELEASE! Zerekfab Mazda Miata Pro-Am upgrade kit!


This kit is for our customers running pro-am kits ordered after 7/1/23. 

With this upgrade kit, you will be given front upper and lower control arms to update your old Pro-Am kit to the current design!

All 4 arms will be pre-installed with Moog Ball joints! Bushings will be reused! 




More Clearance!

More Angle!

Less weight!

Fixed ball joint to give a stronger control arm and no chance of camber coming out of adjustment!



Again, this is an upgrade kit, and you will need to reuse the following from your old Zerekfab Pro-Am kit! Pro-Am Knuckle, extended brake lines, bumpsteer kit!